Third consecutive Ekstraklasa for Legia Warszawa SA

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Third consecutive Ekstraklasa for Legia Warszawa SA

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Legia Warszawa has won the third consecutive Ekstraklasa title, the Polish football top division. The team has won five out of the last six  championships.

After a very equal regular season, Lech and Jagiellonia had some advantage over Legia, but the team coached by the Croatian Dean Klafuric has performed a brilliant championship group. In the seven matches of this stage the historical Central European team has won five games and tied one.

The advantage that Jagiellonia and Lech had was not enough and the team from Warsaw has won Ekstraklasa this year again. The last match between Legia and Lech had to be suspended after the second goal of the “legionnaires” (2-0) with fifteen minutes still to be played. The Lech supporters threw many flares and the Federation finally imposed a harsh penalty in addition to lose the game by 3-0.

The team will join the 2019 Champions League in From Football Impact and Marbella Football Center we want to help the team the next winter again to get its goals.