Häcken and Haugesund on the Costa del Sol

Our Scandinavian friends BK Häcken and FK Haugesund are already training on the Costa del Sol. While the Swedes of Häcken are training at Marbella Football Center, the Norwegians of Haugesund are doing the same in Sotogrande.

Both teams arrived on the 29th and are preparing for part of their Winter Break with Marbella Football Center. The cold of the harsh Scandinavian winter prevents the practice of football in good conditions, which makes many teams do their winter stages with us.

BK Häcken will stay with us for 15 days. During this time they will take the opportunity to play friendly matches, such as the one against FC Rostov on the 3rd.

On the other hand, FK Haugesund will train in Sotogrande for 13 days, during which they will play one only match, which will be next week.