Great start to the season for Liverpool

Liverpool, one of Marbella Football Centre’s most illustrious friends, have made a great start to the season. Unbeaten in the Premier League and 3 wins in 3 Champions League games.

Klopp and his men regularly come to train at the Marbella Football Center facilities. They did so to prepare for the Champions League finals of 2018 and 2019, when they faced Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspurs.

In the current season, the team is second in the Premier League, although they are still undefeated. They are also the highest scoring team in the league, with 27 goals scored in 9 matches. 

In the Champions League they have won all 3 matches in a very difficult group, the one they share with Atlético de Madrid, Oporto and AC Milan. They have scored 11 goals in 3 matches.

The strikers are doing an excellent job. Mané and Salah have scored 9 goals, Diogo Jota 8 and Firmino 7. But one of the keys to this start to the season is in defence, with the return of the great Virgil Van Dijk, who brings confidence and security to the defence.