Borussia Dortmund, in love with Dama de Noche Football Pitches

Borusiia Dortmund, one of the best clubs in the world and a loyal customer of Football Impact, in love with Football Impact. The yellow team has been working with Football impact and Marbella Football Center for many years.

Every winter, the German team holds a Winter Break in January. Despite having worked at most of the Football Impact facilities, in recent years, Dama de Noche training camps have become its preferred choice.

At Dama de Noche the team can not only train with privacy in an unbeatable environment. In addition to the 4 football fields and the 3 7-a-side football fields, there are 2 gyms at the lawn level. There, players can work before and / or after work on the pitch or they can take recovery sessions.

To maximize the safety of the teams, the facilities are regulated by Football Impact’s strict internal hygiene code.

In a few months we will meet our friends again and their new flaming star Haaland, who precisely debuted with the team in a friendly match organized by Football Impact at Marbella Football Center.

The Teutons usually take advantage of the great influx of great teams with Football Impact during theWinter Break. Thus, they usually duel against some of the best German, Dutch, Belgian… clubs.