Misfortune harms Liverpool and Real Madrid wins its third consecutive Champions

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Misfortune harms Liverpool and Real Madrid wins its third consecutive Champions

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The excellent campaign that Liverpool has performed in 2018 could not be finished the way the team from Anfield Road would have liked. The good work of Real Madrid in the final games in addition to some mistakes of the English team tilted the scales to the Spanish side.

The match seemed equal at the break because the first half finished 0-0, but the English team had lost Salah. The great Egiptian player it’s not only the best striker, but also is the key player to make the team play.

Just some minutes after starting the second half Karius made a huge mistake that offered Benzema the chance to easily score. It was the best momento for the team from Merseyside, but a goal by Sadio Mané in a corner just five minutes later gave them some morale.

In the 60th minute Zidane replaces Isco and Bale gets onto the grass. In his first action, the Welsh player gets a pass from Marcelo with the right leg and with an acrobatic scissor-kick scores.

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The English team kept trying but again Bale, with a very strong shot from very far made the ball to change direction during its trajectory and set the final 3-1 for Real Madrid. Karius again could have done something more.

13th European Cup for Real Madrid and the first team to get three consecutive Champions. No team till now had been able two get two consecutive titles since the new format of Champions League started.