The Spanish Women’s U20 team will perform a stage at Marbella Football Center

The Spanish U20 women’s team arrived today on the Costa del Sol to perform a 4-day stage with Marbella Football Center. In 2018 the team already visited us before becoming runner-up in the World Cup.

And the RFEF is one of the friends of Football Impact and Marbella Football Center and visits us with their different teams on numerous occasions. Just a few days ago, the U21 men’s team left our facilities after a 10-day stage.

Spanish women’s football bets on Marbella Football Center, partly because MFC anda FI also bet on women’s football. In recent years, the arrival of female teams has become more and more common. 

National teams such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Holland, Norway, Russia or Ireland have recently visited us.This makes possible the option to perform friendly matches between the teams that visit us.