The Friendly Match Week 2018 U18 & U20 started today

Today began the Friendly Match Week 2018 U18 & U20. In the first match day two matches were played, one in Marbella Municipal Stadium and the other in Marbella Football Center.

At 13:00 started the game that faced Scotland (1) to Uzbekistan (1) at Antonio Lorenzo Cuevas Stadium. A very intense match in which the team from Uzbekistan performed an excellent defensive play, and Scotland showed that it is a very important youth team. Direct football and not much work for the referee.

In the evening, at 17:00, started the game with Russia (0) and Denmark (3). A thrilling match that started quiet, while both teams were cautious, until 30th minute, when the first goal was scored by the Russian player Roaman (own goal). With this advantage, the Danish attacked the match and Horse and Mattson increased the advantage.

Both pithces  performed incrediblely after the last night more than 60 litres per square meter fell. The lawn was perfect.