The first Saturday of March brings us 3 matches in Marbella and Sotogrande

The last month of the Winter Break 2019 begins, and intensely, with three matches on Saturday’s afternoon. Marbella will host 2 matches, while one will be played in the fields of Santa María Polo (Sotogrande).

At 13:00 the football will start, with a match between the women’s teams of Sweden and Wales, which will meet in Marbella Football Center at 13:00. The two teams are preparing for the World Cup in France this summer on the Costa del Sol.

Simultaneously, the match between KFUM Football and Ullensaker / Kisa IL will start in Sotogrande. These two teams of the OBOS-ligaen will face with only one month from the start of their national championship.

Two other teams from the OBOS-league will close the day: Sandnes ULF and Raufoss IL. The fields of Dama de Noche will host this match at 16:30.