The best pre-seasons at Marbella Football Center

The pre-season is the preparatory period that precedes the start of a sporting season. During this time, the teams take the opportunity to carry out their preparation stages.

Gatherings, tournaments, friendly matches are held and technical and tactical aspects are worked on. All with a view to the season to come.

This preparation helps the teams to lay the foundations for what they want to build during the season, to get to know the new players and how they fit into the team.

Pre-season targets:

  • Physical preparation
  • Tactical preparation
  • Psychological preparation

 Benefits of the pre-season:

1. Decrease in injuries due to improved strength, coordination and balance.

2. Greater possibility of planning by having a good base.           

3. Increased ability to maintain high levels of performance throughout the year.

4. Improved ability to perform high intensity training.

In general we can say that pre-seasons improve the general capabilities of the athletes and the group.

Marbella Football Center contributes to the realization of these pre-seasons, offering the teams:

  • Elite facilities.
  • Top quality turf.
  • Accommodation in hotels close to the training camp.
  • Optimal climate for preparation.
  • High level matches for preparation.
  • Personalised service and 24/7 attention.