The Companies behind our Gym: Iberian Sportech –  Science2Improve.

Iberian Sportech and Science2improve works together and helps technical staffs, athletes and sport companies to improve their sports practice through training courses, consultancy services and research in Sports Science and is formed by Sports Scientists and offers specific training courses services (tensiomiography, training load control, strength training, SmartCoach…), sports consultancy and conditioning programmes. Iberian Sportech is a company specialized in the distribution of equipment and technology in high performance although they are defined as solution providers. For this reason they are suppliers of 90% of professional football clubs in Spain and have among their clients some of the most important clubs in Europe.The company have many years of experience in this sector, especially using cutting edge technology for individual assessments, new training methods and creating workflows for elite technical staffs.

Both companies have many years of experience in this sector, especially providing and using cutting edge technology for individual assessments, new training methods and creating workflows for elite technical staffs


This is just a detailing of the machinery allowed for team´s use.

APHEX T900 (3 units)

Description: High-performance training treadmill with a roboust structure for higher security and superior width surface (55.5 cm x 157 cm). You would be able to perform free movements on it such us jumps-in and jumps-off it.


Range Velocityd: 0.8-25Km/h      0.5-15.16 MPH

Inclination Range: 0%-20%



Description: Autopropulsived curved treadmill for a better feet entrance, reducing the shock impact. It includes a manual brake to variate the sprinting resistance and enhance the performance with pushing exercises, technical abilities, accelerations or HIIT.




Description: High-quality indoor cycling, with a 15 kg inertia wheel and compatible pedals with creeks in both faces. You will have a professional road cycling feeling with high smooth movements and a very easy way to increase the resistance progressively. Both saddle and handlebar are adjustable.


Cantidad: 10


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Description: Keiser M5i elliptical tape includes a magnetic resistance, offering a high smooth movement feeling, in a very narrow space. Despite this, its structure is robust and stable for better cardiovascular work. The posture on it is very comfortable in both upper and lower body. Also, you can control the performance pad variables such as power, time and RPM.



Description: Last generation ergometer rowing, smooth and fluid in the movements. It has various resistances to work from anaerobic to aerobic energy demands. It includes connectivity.


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Description: Versaclimber is a unique product, ideal for cardiovascular works – including high intensity – without articular load impacts. Is a vertical platform where arms and legs moves at the same time, simulating climbing. It has a mechanic brake to increase or decrease the movement resistance. It is very useful to compete against yourself / a group of athletes.

Its main advantage is that without impact, injured or low mobility players can still perform cardiovascular routines, combining movements in the lower body when the upper body is injured or vice-versa. You can set the ankle flexo-extension and the knee mobility at the same time, including a bike saddle to only focus on the upper body.




You can find this material in the Red Zone of the gym, located to the left of the main entrance. It has a total of 60m2.




Keiser is a world-leading producing pneumatic resistance training devices. The pneumatic resistance, compared to a free weight, allows greater force improvements due to a constant load over the entire range of motion. The resistance can be adjusted from very low to medium-high, increasing the usage options such as injury recovery. Infinity trainer can be used at the same time by two people with its two adjustable arms in height, also allowing to use both stations with different body anchorages. The variety of exercise is awesome: from very analytic exercises to specific and combined actions (i.e. jump + first sprint step). The resistance is modified easily with two simple buttons: more or less air pressure.

It includes a wide range of accessories such as harness, ankle brace, multifunctional belts, large straight bar and handless. This device can be monitored with the SmartCoach PRO.






Probably the most complete flywheel pulley of the market. It allows performing multiple exercises from all the possible planes of the space. Its main advantage is that allows high eccentric overloads, compared to traditional training. From analytic exercises to specific ability exercises for a certain sport can be performed in this devices.

The inertia resistance options vary from low to very high, allowing the use of mostly the whole load-velocity curve profile. This device can be monitoredt with SmartCoach PRO.

Also, this device can be converted to a multi gym/leg press station when combined with a sliding paddle to perform horizontal leg press exercises or to row. It includes a variety of accessories such as harness, ankle brace, multifunctional belts and handless.




The kBox4 Pro is the Premium kBox model which represent a high versatility, ideal for team sports and high performance or recovery centers. kBox is flywheel platform with allows to work mainly on the lower body, with higher eccentric overloads compared to traditional training. Also upper body exercises can be performed, and combined muscle chain exercises. This model is highlighted for its useful and friendly use belt adjustment, its range of inertia resistance and its lateral foot block pad, for exercises such as lateral lunge.

You can use these model for injury recovery processes due to its lower inertia  (0.0010 kg · m2) and also maximum force exercises with its higher inertia combination ( 4x 0.070 kg · m2). It includes a wide range of accessories such as harness, ankle brace, V bars, multifunctional belts and handless. This device can be monitored with SmartCoach PRO.

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Cone pulley flywheel device specifically designed for knee flexion movements (leg curl). It includes a specific angle for optimum hip position. The inertia resistance can be gradually adjusted through a huge range of weights and 5 rope recoil heights. The work feeling is smooth, which allows executing the exercise either at low or high velocities, but with enough resistance to achieve high eccentric overloads. Also, the lever arm can be adjusted to any kind of size.



The SmartCoach PRO system monitors the resistance training in real time for flywheel and free weights. This is useful to monitor training objectives and individual performance. The PRO system includes a wristbands receptor which helps on individual autonomous training, after the coach set up.

With the software, you will be able to programme training loads and exercises up to an entire football team at the same time. Later, exercises can be performed and analyzed again in the software in an individual base. If you have the SmartCoach PRO system in your club, you can export the data to your computers.





This new facility stands out for the large number of modern materials, ideal for functional work and the imitation of sporting gesture in the gym itself. In total, we have a space of 150m2 for this type of training. You can find this area between the center of the room and the bottom, on its right side



VERTIMAX V8 EX (1 unit)

Vertimax is world-lading in training platforms which uses elastic bands with high length, which adds versatility and multiple training options. Its main characteristics compare to other bands is the higher range of motion, which increases the resistance smother during the entire movement, such as in complex or more functional exercises.

Due to its characteristics you it can be used in a conventional training sessions or even during injury recovery trainings. It includes a wide range of accessories, anchoring the bands to mostly most of the body parts in an easy, safe and quick manner. This model lets up to 5 training stations at the same time and 18 meters of resistance distance.





IVO TRAINER (2 units)


Ivo TRAINER is a resistance sled training device for speed and agility exercises, which allows from very low to high resistance levels, which increase its versatility, including injury recovery and coordination exercises.

It could be used as an indoor sled, but with its own characteristic of 180 degrees, which allows not only straight but also lateral movements for specific exercises. Due to its low weight, it can be easily transported and moved to an outdoor facility.




PLIOMETRIC RUSTER BOX (2 full paltforms)


Octogonal plyobox with three different heights (30, 45 y 60 cm),  covered in foam to reduce impacts and prevent shock damage. With a very high work surface, they are stable but low weight to move them easily.

You can combine different heights or use each of them separately. Up to three athletes can use each platform at the same time.



Kine dynamics (4 units)

KINE is a dynamic rotational suspension training device. It is an improvement compared to other products because it can be used not only in the vertical plane, but also in the horizontal. It is a tool that can be used in combination with conic pulleys, elastic bands or even free weights, optimizing their usage. Many top football clubs have include already KINE in their facilities over the last years, mainly because of its portability and the huge range of stimulus. In addition, the resistance can be manipulated by the coach or by the athlete itself.


Cantidad: 4





Various kind of modern functional tools to complement your training routines, injury prevention session or recovery. Concretely, with enough amount of each for a whole football team session, there are:



Flexvit is a revolutionary system of elastic bands, with a comfortable and soft usage in contact with the skin. The material is not the usual gum, and they can be washed.

There are various models to work on any objective: minibands, superloop (resist and revolve) or multi, which allows a huge variety of exercises with its multiple anchors. There are enough quantity for a whole football team sessions from very low to moderate-high resistances.




The entire gym floor is made of PAVIGYM high-performance solutions. It comes in various colors and shapes to distinguish the different gym zones and usages.

It comes with various functional flooring marks to add versatility to your training routines. Concretely, there is a 50m2 space which includes:

Also, you can find 30 meters lenght sprint indoor turf, with enough width to sprint two players side by side at the same time. It is made every meter and is the perfect place to work with the IVO trainers.




We have a large area dedicated to free weight. You can find it in the center of the room, with multiple positions for simultaneous work of many players of the same team





Multifunctional rack with 6 stations to work with free weights, 2 landmines and 2 dartboards



Up to 20 olympic official bars to work with free weights, complemented with a huge collection of colour competition bumper discs from 2.5 to 25 kg. In addition you will find 2 hexagonal bars to complement your free weights training. You will be able to monitor the free weight routines with SmartCoach PRO.



Glute builder is a specific training machine designed to work on hip extension with free weights and /or bands. Its design allows a comfortable and safe posture for the famous Hip Thrust exercise.

It includes a soft padded are to support the back and focus on the exercise, with multiple lateral anchors at different positions to add band resistances to the free weights and other interesesting exercses.

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You will find an area of 60m2 of blue color at the back of the gym on the left, destined for recovery and soil work. It is an open area where you can work all the equipment at once on the ground, with various interesting recovery technologies.



Blackroll is a solution toolbox for recovery, myofascial and trigger points release. It includes foam rollers with different textures and hardness, ideal for the myofascial release.

In addition, you will find simple and double lacrosse balls for trigger points release which will assist the players during the recovery sessions. There is enough quantity of those materials to perform a whole football team training session.







Vibration platform with step shape, which allows 360º exercises. The vibration will enhance the recovery effects, strength gains, and injury recovery processes.

You will be able to work on them just supporting some specific parts of the body or work on whole body vibration. Also, you can combine it with other materials such as free weights, band, Keiser Infinity… to enhance the effects of your training with a higher central nervous system stimulation. These platforms can be adjusted from 1 to 40 Hz of variable amplitude.




THERAGUN (2 units)

Theragun is percussion therapy device, principally use for the release and recovery sessions. Also is interesting to be used for muscle deactivations.

It includes different accessories and shapes to work on superficial or deeper points, like for example to increase the lymphatic drainage.