Proud of Liverpool

Liverpool, the current European champion, was unexpectedly eliminated last Wednesday, after a crazy game at Anfield. Still, the team did not miss this opportunity to demonstrate its greatness to the entire football world once again.

With an ultra defensive Atlético, Klopp’s men did not stop trying the goal throughout the match. Incessantly spurred on by the red fans, the attack on the Atlético’s goal became an absolute siege. Only bad luck and a sublime Oblak saved Cholo Simeone’s men.

Liverpool won every divided ball and Atlético could not even get close to the goal of the English team. On the brink of rest, Wijnaldum managed to score with a head shot. The second half continued as an unsuccessful siege and the game went on overtime.

In the opening minutes of extra time, Firmino put Liverpool ahead and drove the stadium crazy. Unfortunately, just a few minutes later, an unfortunate action by goalkeeper Adrián led to Marcos Llorente’s goal, which greatly complicated the tie. Llorente would repeat a very similar goal before the end of the first part of extra time, which made the tie almost impossible.

With this situation, any team would have dropped their arms and any supporters would have left the field. But the Liverpool players kept trying and the fans did not stop cheering until the last moment.

We are proud to have friend clubs like Liverpool, which despite the defeat demonstrated an endurance that few clubs can boast of.
Maybe that’s why, You will never walk alone!