Our friend Fernando Llorente, a role model who is still key to his team

Fernando Llorente has always been an exemplary player, a mirror in which children should look. Positive attitude, role model and unparalleled professionalism.

The player from La Rioja takes great care of his physical preparation. Therefore, this summer, before signing for the SSC Napoli, the striker visited Marbella Football Center to work in our high performance center and to have the best training and recovery technology and take his physique to the highest level.

For all this he is a player who at 35 years is preserved in a spectacular physical state. Indeed, this year he has played 17 of the 24 possible matches in Serie A and in the most demanding competition in the world (the Champions League) he has played in almost every game (6 of 7).

If we talk about his career and honors, we are talking about a football legend. He has played in teams such as: Spanish National Team, Athletic Club, Juventus, Sevilla, Swansea, Tottenham and Naples. During the 15 years he has been in the elite since he came to Athletic in the 2004/05 season, the international striker has achieved:

-The 2010 World Cup and the 2012 Euro Cup with the Spanish team.