MFC organises more than 200 matches a year

Brugge Vs Karlsruher- Dama de Noche 2022

The organisation of friendly matches is one of Marbella Football Center’s outstanding services. As an authorised agent and together with the relations between clubs and federations, it organises matches between high-level rivals.

This year 2022 we have already exceeded the hundred matches organised:

Our match department organises all the operations and protocol necessary for a match between professional teams. In addition, it adapts to the interest and needs of each club in pre-season matches.

The matches are mainly played in our centres, although MFC has agreements with stadiums depending on the needs of the match.

The organisation also takes care of all the communication and security operations; accreditations, journalists, television production, tickets, etc.

Every year MFC organises around 250 friendly matches. In recent seasons the number of matches has increased by 15-20%.

This match organisation service helps professional clubs to complete a successful pre-season by playing against teams of a similar or higher level.

It is the perfect complement to good preparation. Match organisation is undoubtedly one of the reasons why top-level teams choose MFC as their destination.