MFC gyms, the icing on the cake of our facilities

Marbella Football Center has always been committed to offering its clients the latest training technology, with cutting-edge technology at the service of sport in all its football centres.

Marbella Football Center, La Quinta Football Fields, Dama de Noche, Arroyo Enmedio and Atalaya all have gyms that serve to complete a first class preparation.

With the professionalisation of football, gym work has become increasingly important and there is no club nowadays that does not complement its physical preparation in the gym.

Machines available in our gyms:

  • Aphex T900 treadmill.
  • Skillmill Technogym treadmill.
  • Lifefitness IC2 indoor cycling bikes.
  • Keiser M5I elliptical trainers.
  • Technogym Skillrow Indoor rowing machine
  • Versaclimber Sport Rehab Model
  • Keiser Infinity Trainer
  • Elements Twister 500 Cone Pulley
  • Exxentric Kbox 4 Pro System
  • Leg Curl Elements
  • Smartcoach Pro
  • Vertimax V8 EX
  • IVO Trainer
  • Ruster plyometric box
  • Kine Dynamics
  • Ruster functional equipment
  • Flexvit elastic bands
  • Pavigym Functional Floor and Sprint Hallway 
  • Ruster functional rack
  • Olympic bars and competition discs Bumper
  • Glute Builder
  • Blackroll
  • Vibrating Elements V300
  • Theragun