MFC and FI ready for Winter Break 2021

At the MFC and FI facilities, we are already prepared for the start of an exciting new Winter Break. The first days of 2021 will bring us teams from all over the planet to the Costa del Sol and the communities of Valencia and Murcia, thanks to the anti-COVID measures.

At MFC and FI we have been able to continue to receive teams thanks to the exceptional effort of the staff and the demanding anti-COVID measures adopted by both FI and MFC.

Thanks to these measures, we have been receiving teams in mid December. In fact, we ended the year with the Stade de Rennais, which was on the Costa del Sol until December 12th.

With the change of grass implemented in all our facilities, now we only have to wait a scarce 2 weeks. After this time we will be able to see the best teams in the world playing friendlies organized by Football Impact. Each Winter Break there are more than 200 friendly matches.