MFC and FI, much more than high-performance centers

FC Lokomotiv Moscow works out on Costa del Sol’s beach

We have talked a lot about the facilities of the Marbella Football Center and all those managed by Football Impact. But the service that Football Impact offers to clubs goes far beyond what is strictly sporty.

Many clubs come to our facilities on the southern and eastern Mediterranean coast of Spain (Costa del Sol, Campo de Gibraltar, Murcia, Alicante …). But in addition to the pure training, the players always demand something more, a little leisure.

And that’s where the work of Football Impact stands out. All teams have a coordinator who facilitates all tasks. These coordinators also advise the team when choosing an entertainment option.

The Football Impact work areas have a wide range of leisure activities. And the players greatly appreciate it. Especially when they make tourist trips through the nearby cities (Malaga, Ronda, Gibraltar, Alicante … depending on their gathering venue).

Since all areas are close to the sea, the beach is another of the main claims. Both for  training, as when relaxing in a beach club or taking a walk at sunset.

Players also greatly enjoy other sports activities such as golf or paddle tennis.

For lovers of luxury and shopping, the Costa del Sol is fantastic. Puerto Banús is one of the places most visited by players. There they find their favorite clothing stores, jewelers and the best restaurants and cafes.