Memories: Rafa Benítez at Marbella Football Center

Pictures: Instagram Rafa Benítez @rafabenitezrb

Today we are going to talk about one of the most illustrious managers and with a great career. Benítez visited us at the beginning of this year with his current team the Dalian Pro FC to perform the Winter Break for the 2020 season

His career began in 93/94 as second coach of Real Madrid for Benito Floro and later for Vicente del Bosque.

Since then, the Spaniard has accumulated an impressive record of titles and great coached teams. The great results will begin to arrive with the new century. In 2002 and 2004 he managed to make Valencia CF champion of the league. The “ché” were not champions since 1971 and have not been again. In 2004 he also proclaimed the team champion of UEFA cup.

3 years of great success in Valencia launch him to Liverpool, where he will remain for 6 years, winning the English Cup in the second year. Although it was enough with the first to win the Champions League. And he did it in an epic match, nothing more and nothing less than against AC Milan who won two years before (2003) and would win 2 years later (2007). Cafu, Nesta, Maldini, Pirlo, Seedorf, Kaka or Shevchenko made up this exceptional squad.

After a brief stint at Inter, he will land at Chelsea, the team with which he will win the Europa League in 2013. After this he will stop at Naples, and he will win the Italian Cup in his first season.

In 2015 he will come to Madrid to train Real. But it was a short stop despite achieving the best average points per game of his career (2.24).

Newcastle will be his next team, he will arrive in March 2016. He will finish the current season and will continue 3 more.

Rafa Benítez is currently training the Dalian Pro of the Chinese Super League, although the current situation has not allowed him to officially debut with the team.

Some of Benítez’s best moments as a coach.