Marbella is synonymous with international football.

European, Chinese, American and Arab teams visit the Costa del Sol for training camps and pre-season training throughout the year.

During 2019, a total of 227 club stays were recorded and more than 250 football matches were organised between elite teams, with an average stay of eight days and around 40 people per club.

The main centre of Football Impact alone, Marbella Football Center receives more than 80 teams per year and more than 50 nationalities are already known to it.

The work of Marbella City Council has been essential in making it a football capital. A commitment to sport that has had a very positive impact on the city. Thanks to this commitment to sports tourism, many hotels in the area receive a good number of overnight stays each year.

The teams and clubs from many countries choose these good conditions of the coast for their meetings. Marbella is undoubtedly a football capital, known worldwide for its sports, hotel and leisure facilities.

Football Impact has two elite centres in the city, Marbella Football Center, Dama de Noche Football Pitches. In addition, Marbella’s municipal stadium also hosts many international matches.

This year, despite the difficulties, Marbella continues to attract sports tourism. During these months of pandemic, the Play Off 2-B took place, and different LaLiga teams chose Marbella for their summer pre-season.

Why Marbella?

Perfect climate for football. (In winter and summer)

Elite sports facilities. First class lawn, gym, spa etc.

Quality hotel infrastructures.

Good connections; international airport, AVE train station.

Leisure facilities.

A city that is committed to sports tourism.

Safe city.