Lokomotiv of Moscow, another great team who trusts MFC and FI

FC Lokmotiv Moscow, another historic club that is part of the friends of Football Impact and Marbella Football Center. The Russian team comes to the Costa del Sol every winter in search of mild temperatures, excellent service and first-rate friendlies.

During the last months of January and February, the team visited us, performing two stages at Marbella Football Center. The joint duration of both stages exceeded one month. During this period, the team always takes the opportunity to play friendlies against top-level teams that are also performing a stage with Football Impact.

Last season the team finished second and will participate this season in the Champions League. Just today was held the draft that has put them in the same group with Bayern Munich, Atlético de Madrid and Red Bull Salzsburg (another friend of Football Impact).

Farfán, Corluka, Eder or Krychowiak will do everything possible to do a good job in the competition.