Leicester – Liverpool, the best boxing day game


Today the popular boxing day is celebrated in England, a typical Christmas matchday of the Premier League. Klopp’s men will play the last match of the day of December 26th against the second ranked, Leicester City.

It will be the penultimate day of the Premier League in 2019. The first match will be played by one of our friends, Brighton FC, against José Mourinho’s Tottenham. The second game will also be starred by one of our friends, the AFC Bournemouth, which will face to  Arsenal FC.

The last game on Thursday will face second against first, Leicester City will face Liverpool FC. This is a game without pressure, since Liverpool has a 10 points advantage over Leicester, with one game less.

To conclude the day, tomorrow the “wolves” (Wolverhampton Wanderers FC) will be measured at Manchester City. The team was recently on the Costa del Sol in a 4-day stage at Marbella Football Center.