La Quinta and Atalaya to host U18 & U19 Friendly Match Week matches

The facilities of La Quinta Football Fields and Atalaya Football Pitches will host the matches of the U18 & U19 Friendly Match Week organised by Marbella Football Center.

Although the teams will train at the different facilities of Marbella Football Center, the five matches will be played at these two fields.

Both facilities are first class and the turf is in perfect condition. These matches will be used to use the recently laid winter turf for the first time.

Next Monday the teams will start arriving in Marbella and on Thursday the 11th the U18 & U19 Friendly Match Week will start with two matches.

Full games list:

11/11/21 Slovakia U19 – Czech Republic U19 at La Quinta.

11/11/21 Sweden U18 – Ireland U18 at Atalaya.

13/11/21 Slovakia U19 v Norway U19 at La Quinta.

14/11/21 Ireland U18 – Sweden U18 in Atalaya.

15/11/21 Norway U19 – Czech Republic U19 in La Quinta.