Happy International Women’s Day

At Football Impact we celebrate Women’s Day in style. One reason is because an important part of our clients are female teams. On the other hand, in our workforce we have a large proportion of girls, performing fundamental functions.

Year after year, we have observed a that  women’s football is growing. Due to its increasing professionalization, the number of teams that come to us has became bigger and bigger.

The last female team to visit our facilities was the Spanish Under-19 Women’s National Team, which recently completed a stage. But it is not the only team, some examples of women’s teams that have visited us recently:

  • German National Team
  • Austrian National Team.
  • Swiss National team.
  • Spanish U20 team.
  • Swedish U23 team.
  • Dutch U23 team.
  • Russian U19 team.
  • Irish U19 team.
  • Norwegian U23 team.

But it is not only that some teams attend to work with us, but Football Impact has also organized weeks of international matches. An example is the Week of Friendly Matches for Women’s NT, with up to 5 international matches in a week.

From Football Impact and Marbella Football Center we are pleased to see the rise of women’s football. For this, and much more, we can only say: “Happy International Women’s Day.”