France – Russia on Friday and Sweden – Denmark and Belgium – Uzbekistan on Saturday

This weekend Football Impact will bring a lot of football. Three matches will be perfored in two days, one on Monday and two on Saturday.

Tomorrow Friday France and Scotland (U18) will play in Marbella Football Center from 19:00.

On Saturday there will be two matches. The first will be played at Marbella Municipal Stadium by Belgium and Uzbekistan (U18) from 16:00.

The second match on Saturday will start at 17:00, Sweden and Denmark (U20) will play in Marbella Football Center.

After the matches of this weekend there will be only two more matches left in this Friendly Match Week 2018 U18 & U20, that will be played on Monday. Uzbekistan and France (U18) will play in the morning, and Russia and Sweden (U20) will play in the evening.