Football’s most promising players gather at MFC facilities

Some of the most promising young football players gathered last week at the Marbella Football Center facilities. Norway, Portugal, Poland and Romania participated with their U17 and U18 teams.

The federations have full confidence in the MFC service. During their stays on the Costa del Sol, their teams can prepare and also play matches against other top level opponents.

The matches have been divided between:

Estepona: Russia and Belgium U16 played a double match against each other.

Dama de Noche (Marbella): Belgium and Ireland U17 also played a double match against each other.

Sotogrande: double match between Poland and Norway U17 and single match between Norway and Portugal U18.

The 16th National Team Tournament U17 and U18 has been a new success, partly due to the excellent weather conditions offered by the Costa del Sol in these days of February. Lots of sunshine and temperatures up to 22 degrees.

The teams have worked with us for 7 to 10 days and are now returning home after finishing their preparation.