Football Impact manages more than 200 stays in 2020 despite the difficulties

2020 has not been a good year for anyone. The COVID pandemic has shaken our world. Given these circumstances, Football Impact has had to reinvent itself and adjust to the times to be able to manage more than 200 rooms.

The level of services offered by both FI and MFC together with the ability of the company to adapt to the needs of the moment have served so that even during this terrible year our friends have continued to trust us.

As soon as the pandemic began, at FI and MFC we adopted some anti-Covid measures. But if we had not been zealous in their compliance, these measures would have been of no use and we would have lost the trust of our friends.

As 2020 ends, we take stock and we must say that despite everything that has happened, we are proud of our work. And above all about how we have done everything necessary so that our friends could continue visiting us in complete safety.

Now we can only wait for 2021, which we trust will be a great year for humanity and also for Football Impact and Marbella Football Center.