Football Impact finishes its participation at Soccerex USA Miami with very good vibes

Football Impact returns from Miami with very good vibes after its participation in this prestigious event of the world of football. During 15th and 16th, Miami became the most important place for those who try to improve our services in the football industry.

Three Football Impact representatives have travelled to this important meeting: Andrés Roldán, Pablo Bombarelli and Diego Corpache. During these days, these Football Impact representatives had a very active role and have known many of the 1500 delegates and the fifty top-class speakers. A networking incomparable opportunity!

The event has been supported by important football institutions like MLS (Mayor League Soccer) or CONCACAF and some important players have participated, like the Argentinian Sebastián Verón or the Dutch Ronald De Boer. In addition to the important opportunity, our representatives have really enjoyed of this which they like the most, the world of football.