Football Impact clients winners in 2018: Red Bull Salzsburg

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Football Impact clients winners in 2018: Red Bull Salzsburg

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Football Impact, sport tourism agency, increases its clients every year. Actually more than one hundred teams visit us during the year beginning to perform the winter preseason. But this level of these teams is growing too, the clubs that come are bigger year after year.

Actually many of these teams participate in UEFA Europe League, others in Champions League (like Liverpool FC that will play the final on Saturday). In addition many of these teams are also champions in their countries, like Red Bull Salzsburg.

The Austrian team got the fifth consecutive Tipico Bundesliga championship the ninth in the last twelve years. Marco Rose’s men have controlled the championship in Austria, getting a 14 points advantage over the second team with one day left.

The good weather conditions, the infrastructure of hotels in Costa del Sol and the Mediterranean seaside are key for these important  teams to choose us. But nothing of these things would be enough if it wasn’t for the good work and the many quality services offered by Football Impact that make the teams to repeat year after year.