FC Barcelona Campus starts in Marbella Football Center

This morning started the official FC Barcelona Campus at Marbella Football Center facilities. A week in which many kids aged between 8 and 16 will participate and practice the training methods of one of the best football schools around the world.

Kids from many countries will share this week an experience in which they will not only work technical issues, but also mental and tactical issues too. The kids will perform the same kind of sessions that are perfored in La Masía.

Two daily training sessions (so the kids can practice specially with the ball) will be supplemented with chats and football workshops for the kids to improve their football understanding. In these chats and workshops the strategy, tactical game and analysis will be the main topics.

In addition to the medical insurances, the kids will get the FC Barcelona Campus’ official uniform (Nike) before beginning and a FCB Escola Certificate when they finish. They will be supplied of water and fruit during the training sessions.