Fabio Capello, in love with MFC

Fabio Capello, one of the greatest managers in the history of football, a lover of the facilities of Marbella Football Center. Today we will do a brief review of his long career as a coach and we will recall his opinion about Marbella Football Center.

With a Champions League (AC Milan), 5 Italian leagues (AC Milan and AS Roma) and 2 Spanish leagues (Real Madrid), very few managers can boast of a similar record. In addition to these teams, the man from Gorizia has also been the national manager of England, Russia and has coached Jiangsu Suning.

The Italian gentleman has visited us on several occasions (with Russia and Jiangsu Suning). In addition, with residence in Marbella, he has sometimes visited us to coincide with some colleagues or players like Samuel Eto’o. He recently talked about our facilities like this:

  1.- How about your experience in Dama de Noche?

“We are very satisfied. Everything is very well organized. We found fantastic infrastructure and a fantastic place to prepare the preseason”.

2.- According to the football facilities, what do you think about our natural grass?

“The football facilities are very good and the natural grass is fantastic. Every day I saw gardeners who have taken care very wel”l.

3.- How do you know the football pitch Dama de Noche?

“Word gets around, everybody knows the football pitches in Costa del Sol”.

4.- Would you like to return next season?

“It could be, but with another team. My contract ends this year”.

5. What could be improved?

Nothing. Everything is okay.