Words of the Spanish-Argentine coach Juan Antonio Pizzi in one of his stays at Marbella Football Center.

How about your experience in Marbella Football Center?

Very good. It is our first time that we are coming here and we are very surprised about the pitches in a positive way. We are very satisfied and we hope that we can come in the future.

According to the football facilities, what do you think about our natural grass?

The installations are fabulous. We used the all three pitches and every pitch was great to use and to train. Everybody the staff and the team is very satisfied.

How do you know the football pitch Marbella Football Center?

I know it through Felipe, it is our coordinator. He observed the last year’s different pitches and Marbella Football Center has perfect pitches for us.

Would you like to return next season?

Hopefully. MFC fulfills all the conditions for us.

Would you recommend the pitch Marbella Football Center to other colleagues?

Of course. These installations have the high prestige. I think different teams were here and were very satisfied.

Why did you chose Marbella Football Center for your training?

We had the information that the installations are the best in Europe. Also the geographical point is very important and the weather is great. That is why we came here and hope to come here in the future.

Thanks you for your comments and I´m looking forward to meet you again.