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Cristian Pavón, from MFC to the World Cup

The Argentinian player Cristian Pavón, one of the best promises of the world of football, is preparing the opening game of the South American team in Rusia 2018 against Iceland.


Pavón visited Marbella Football center in 2013 with the U-17 Argentinian team when it performed a stage at Costa del Sol. The young striker, the most important promise of the Argentinian football, could even play in the starting eleven in the match against Iceland on 16th, but a tonsilitis could deprive him to play this game.


The player of Boca, aged 22, has become in a very important player in the team from Buenos Aires. Indeed, many European clubs have already taken notice of the skills of this striker and his cheap value (37 millions), that could be almost nothing if the player performs a good World Cup.

Teams like Borussia, PSG, Barça, Arsenal, Zenit or Monaco are already following this amazing player. From Football Impact and Marbella Football Center we wish him the best luck during the world Cup.


Here you can check the talent of this electric and talented player: