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Finde pre-Mundial con resultados dispares para los amigos de Football Impact



The football days performed this weekend left us many international matches in which the Football Impact friends have had mixed results.


Among these results we have the ties of Spain with Switzerland and Belgium with Portugal, the defeat of Saudi Arabia against Peru and the victories of Mexico, Costa Rica or France.

Spain or Belgium were not able to show their better team play. Spain tied 1-1 against Switzcerland and the match between Belgium Portugal finished with a goalless even.


The good streak by the Saudi team in the previous matches have stopped with the two consecutive defeats of the Asian team, this time against Peru by 0-3. Previously the team had played against Italy, Greece and Algeria after the stage in Marbella Football Center with Football Impact.


The federations of France, Costa Rica or Mexico, also Football Impact clients, were able to win in their matches against Scotland, Northern Ireland and Italy.

During the next days until the next Monday all the teams will keep playing friendly matches to reach the World Cup in the best shape.