Football Impact will organize two new national teams events, which will be played simultaneously between October 9th and 14th. The federations involved will be France, England and Belgium (U19); and France, Sweden and Norway (U20)

Taking advantage of the FIFA windows, these national teams will travel to the Costa del Sol to grow as a team. They will be two events at the same time: on the one hand we have the U19 national teams of France, England and Belgium; on the other we have the sub-20 teams from France, Sweden and Norway. It will be a triangular event, in which all teams will play two friendly matches.

The pleasant climate of the Costa del Sol and the possibility of making first-level friendlies attract these federations. In this case, all are regular clients who have already worked with MFC and Football Impact and who know the good work of both companies and therefore repeat.

The U19 will play 3 games and the U20 20 other three. The program is as follows:

10/09/2019 England U19 – France U19 at 17:00 in Marbella Football Center.

10/10/2019 Norway U20 – France U20 at 17:00 at the Marbella Stadium.

10/11/2019 France U19 – Belgium U19 at 16:00 at Marbella Football Center.

10/12/2019 France U20 – Sweden U20 at 17:00 at the Marbella Stadium.

10/12/2019 Belgium U19 – England U19 at 16:00 at Marbella Football Center.

10/14/2019 Sweden U20 – Norway U20 at 17:00 at Marbella Football Center.