2020 has surprised us all, and the world of football has been no less. But you have to adjust to the times that run and Football Impact has adapted to LaLiga protocols.

Football Impact Security

ReSPR Induct Sanitatio Technology

Professional system with high efficiency in eliminating viruses and germs in the air conditioning of our gym, efficient to maximize health safety in the equipment stay in our facilities.

Weekly test to the entire Football Impact squad

All our employees will have a mandatory accreditation with the date of the last Covid-19 test performed. 

Restricted access

Only personnel authorized by Football can access our facilities Impact, with its corresponding accreditation. The Sports City is restricted exclusively to those auxiliary eployees essential in the daily development of the exercise.

Football Impact coordinators assigned to each team for the review of the compliance with anti-covid regulations.

Football Impact facilities health protocol

MANDATORY USE OF MASKS in all Football Impact venues.

HYDROALCOHOLIC type disinfectant hand gel dispensers WITH ALOE in the gym, water areas, changing rooms, offices and walkways.

TOTEM’S of disinfectant protection with gel and gloves, which will be exposed in areas

hallways and changing rooms of the facilities.

DAILY CLEANING AND DISINFECTION PART, four times a day of changing rooms,

offices and common areas with Anolyte (Hypochlorous Acid), and with disinfectant bleach.

DISINFECTION OF SPORTS MATERIAL, OF MACHINERY MAINTENANCE AND EXTERIOR OF THE FACILITIES (parking area, stands and exterior building) with Anolyte (Hypochlorous Acid) applied via a large range (up to 8 meters) and disinfectant bleach.

DOUBLE PLUGS WITH DISINFECTANT TRAY FOR FOOTWEAR, installed in entrances to the changing rooms, Spa, Gym and offices.

INCORPORATION OF PEDAL GARBAGE BINS in the facilities to avoid contact with hands.



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