List of Friendlies

One of the strong services of Football Impact, is the organization of friendly matches. As a licensed FIFA Match Agent, our  know-how and together with the relations between clubs and federations, we have become an ideal intermediary when looking for rivals for teams that are looking for friendly matches.

Our match department organizes all the necessary. We have our own stadiums and together with the relations with the referees federations, we have all the tools to complete the needs of our clients. For years there have been agreements with companies for TV production and to be able to retransmit live friendly matches all over the world, without customers having to worry about any details. All tailor made !!

In 2017, a total of 215 friendlies were organized by Football Impact. Every year increase between 15-20% with respect to the previous year. By 2018, the number of 190 games held between January and April has been reached, covering the targets set for 2018.

In order to complete a successful pre-season, it is important to play against teams of a similar or better level.  Marbella Football Center provides a platform for teams and collaborators when the moment comes to organize friendly matches and tournaments.

A comprehensive database of international teams training in the area combined with excellent relationships with Spanish teams in the neighborhood is the key and the guarantee for our customers to play important games.

Our Manager Andres Roldán is endorsed by FIFA as a licensed Match Agent for professional teams, thats why we count on an impressive experience, organizing more than 160 friendly matches annually in Marbella Football Center.

All matches are arbitrated by referees of the Royal Spanish Football Federation.