Interesting encounter between two very different football concepts. On the one hand the Baniyas SC, winner of the President’s Cup of the United Arab Emirates or the Cup of Champions Clubs of the Gulf, of the first division of the Emirates and on the other the UD Los Barrios, a family club that performs in Third Division and that denotes a great effort institutional and sporty.

During the first actions, he was the owner of the match, moving forward on the scoreboard and, keeping that difference until the middle of the second half, which was when with the changes in both teams, the balance was balanced and were the Arabs who most tainted the opposing goal. Two goals on almost continuous plays turned the result in favor of dubai, who are finding the game they are looking for little by little. Good football show at marbella Football Center in front of about 150 spectators.

The color note was placed by the presence of the mayor of Marbella, Angeles Muñoz, greeting the emirates team and thanking them for visiting the city.