Liverpool will play the second consecutive final of the Champions League after defeating Barça in the most exciting semifinal that is remembered in the last decades. Jurgen Klopp and the fans became even better to one of the most powerful squads in the world.

After a tough defeat at the Camp Nou, all the experts thought that Barça would be in the Champions final, but the “reds” never stopped believing. The early goal of Origi, in 7th, encourgaed the English team, and increased its morale since the start of the game.

We came to the break with the 1-0, and Barca managing the advantage. After the break a new injury for Liverpool (which could not count on Salah, Firmino or Keita),  the captain, Henderson, had to be replaced.

Wijnaldum entered, and the substitution could not come out better for the German manager. In just 10 minutes on the field, the Dutch player scored 2 more goals and set the tie on the general scoreboard.

Barca did not offer a single feeling of being able to react. The results of the team from Anfield were better, and above all they showed a physical condition much higher than the one shown by the Catalan team.

In 1979, again Origi (one of the heroes of the game), got an advantage for the first time in the whole playoff for the English team. The madness was unleashed in Anfield, but the team far from shrinking, kept attacking even with the 4-0.

A 10 points game for a 10 points club. Today the team will meet its rival, that will be Tottenham or Ajas. It will be the second consecutive final for our friends, CONGRATULATIONS!