The Argentinian Football Association is preparing the U-20 World Cup in Villaitana Football Center, which will be held on May 23rd in Pilonia.

The Argentine team is currently training at the facilities of Villaitana Football Center (Benidorm), where it will remain from May 10th, until the 20th. The team will finish its stage only a few days before going to Poland.

Fernando Batista’s men are one of the best teams and are one of the favorites to win this championship.

To achieve this the South American team will have to overcome the group stage, in which they will face South Africa, Portugal and South Korea. The high quality of the players makes us think that the team should not have problems to overcome the group stage and access the playoff.

From Football Impact and Marbella Football Center we hope to see our white and blue friends returning to Argentina with the title under their arms. Good luck!