10 football federations will attend the Costa del Sol during the second half of March to participate in a new week of friendly matches organized by Football Impact. Most of the teams are European (8), plus one American and one Eurasian.

The teams that will participate in this new event of international matches will be: Romania, Denmark, Finland, Northern Ireland, Norway, Bulgaria, Scotland, Sweden, Mexico and Russia. Most of these federations are regular customers who visit us frequently, either with the absolute team with the female team, U18, U21 …

During their stay, these teams will play 9 matches (all in Marbella), in two days of football. On Friday 22nd 4 games will be held:

At 13:00, the event will be opened by the U21 national teams from Northern Ireland and Bulgaria at Marbella Football Center.

Mexico (U22) and Scotland (U21) will be next on the scene, at 16:00 in Dama de Noche.

One hour later (17:00) the U-21 national team of Russia and Sweden will meet at Marbella Football Center.

Finland and Norway (U21) will close the Friday at the Municipal Stadium of Marbella.

During the weekend the teams will recover and perform the tactical work before the new matchday on Monday, when there will be 5 matches:

The earliest match will be played by Scotland and Sweden (U21) at 12:30 at Marbella Football Center.

At 14:00 at the Municipal Stadium of Marbella we will watch the duel between the U-21 teams of Finland and Bulgaria.

Russia and Norway (U21) will face each other in Dama de Noche starting at 16:00.

The Romania U21 team and the Denmark U-20 team will play at Marbella Football Center starting at 18:00 in the penultimate match of this international event.

To finish, Mexico U22 and Northern Ireland U21 will dispute in the Municipal Stadium of Marbella the last match from 19:00.